Looking for visitors for your website?

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Looking for visitors for your website?

Hello and welcome to Traffic Facts and Hacks. The premier resource for low cost, high quality test traffic. Real traffic that’s so good it converts to opt-ins and sales as you tweak your landing page.

Let me guess… You’re here because your website barely converts, even though it looks awesome and everyone says they love it. And the worst part, the sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach that keeps you awake and staring at the ceiling all night, is that you’ve paid the best names in the business big bucks to create this expensive, gorgeous monstrosity of a site with all the bells and whistles.

With a website like this, you should be making money hand over fist. You should have a 75-80% opt-in rate. Instead, you have no sales and your opt-in rate is so small that you’re embarrassed to talk about it with your family, friends and other business contacts.

Your conversion rates are so bad, in fact, that you’ve vowed to stop throwing away your marketing budget on top dollar traffic until you’ve worked out the conversion kinks. And the only way to do that is to test the many variables keeping your site’s conversion rates in the toilet.

Are you tired of paying Google a small fortune for traffic at a dollar or two per click? Are you sick of wasting your hard earned cash on Facebook ads that do absolutely nothing for your bottom line? Have you been burned more times than you can count?

Now hear me out, and don’t get upset.

Maybe your website is the problem. Not the traffic source.

Conversion rates are easy to fix once you take the time to work on them. The biggest areas typically in need of improvements are calls to action, headlines, benefits and features, the length of the landing page, the free opt-in gift, or the price if you’re trying to sell products or services.

As you can see, you have many variables to test. You can spend serious cash on an expensive traffic source. Or you can pay a measly five bucks to have 100 people visit your landing page. Set up A/B split testing before sending our traffic, and you’ll immediately know which changes had a positive impact.

Remember, it only costs five bucks for 100 visitors. It’s cheaper than buying lunch at your favorite fast food restaurant. Before you know it; your website will convert at respectable rates for opt-ins and sales.

And even better, you’ll have more customers than you can handle. More sales than you’ve ever dreamed possible. And peace of mind knowing that you didn’t make the biggest mistake of your life by spending an arm and a leg hiring the best designers to create your website.

Look no further!!   Traffic Facts and Hacks offers real visitors for your test campaigns!  We can give you 100 visitors for only $5.00!

A great way to test landing page conversions.  If you need more visitors, we offer larger packages as well.  500 visitors for $20.00.

1,000 visitors for $30.00 2,000 visitors for $505,000 visitors for $10010,000 visitors for $150  and packages up to 200,000 visitors.

All real people. Of course, some opt in, some even buy products but there are no guarantees as to whether visitors convert to opt-ins or sales,

that often depends on sales copy and visitor interest in what you offer.  If its traffic you are looking for, real visitors to you website, or offer you have found what you were looking for.  We look forward to working with you.

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